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RO System

Reverse Osmosis Systems Our pre-engineered, packaged water treatment systems using RO and NF technology offer optimum water treatment for brackish and seawaterapplications within a compact, skid-mounted package.PKMG offers two options to suit your needs:Standard pre-engineered RO packaged plants complete with all equipment.Modular, reduced-scope Vessel Control Block suited to larger projects and operators who prefer to provide auxiliary equipment.

For larger systems, PKMG engineers can design and build custom system to meet your specific needs.

Both PKMG packaged and custom water treatment systems offer:
  • A flexible, cost-effective design with lower auxiliary equipment cost
  • Fast installation and start-up
  • Capacities ranging from 5-3000 m³/hour
  • Production of high-quality permeate water
  • Drinking water and industrial waste-water recycling
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