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Megapure System

PURON MP pressurized hollow-fiber ultrafiltration provide a cost-effective solution for a variety of water and wastewater treatment applications. The system’s high flux and solids tolerance properties eliminate the need for costly pretreatment and chemical cleans while producing high-quality effluent and meeting stringent regulatory targets, including drinking water LT2 specifications. Polyester reinforced PVDF membranes and a unique single-potting design help to avoid downtime. Performance, simplified operation, reduced maintenance and compact footprint add up to one cost-effective filtration solution.

SYSTEMS INFORMATION PURON® MP systems are pre-engineered ultrafiltration package plants and modular systems using the PURON® MP pressurized hollow-fiber cartridges. The PURON MP system is designed for both municipal and industrial purposes, including wastewater and surface water applications with high amounts of suspended solids.
These skid-mounted systems offer a complete and cost-effective solution. The virtually unbreakable high-performance PURON membrane provides consistent high-quality effluent, meeting most quality and regulatory requirements.
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