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PT. Primakarya Majugemilang
Aims to supply only the reliable product for customers.Offering good value, quality product which is the best in the field with continuous supply and support.

Tailored engineering package to fit individual customer or special requirement are provided very well. Our marketing engineers are ready to consult with you through a case to case basis to achieve optimum solution.

We also welcome opportunities for business cooperation through:

  • Build Operate Own
  • Build Operate Transfer
  • Build Operate Maintenance

  • This gives our customer the time and resources to focus just on their core business.

    About Us
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    We offer a wide variety of product and solution including related product and services.
    Zincalume Water Tank
    Zincalume Water Tank
    At Pioneer Water Tanks, we design manufacture and install water storage tanks for all types of commercial specifications, supplying industries throughout Australia and overseas.
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    Ultraviolet System
    Ultraviolet System
    Protecting the World’s water without using chemicals we supply UV Disinfection systems for Industrial and Municipal water treatment. Two themes drive our business – “Application Optimised UV” and “We UVCare”.
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    Glass Lined Steel Water Tanks
    Glass Lined Steel Water Tanks
    A tank, vessel or silo made by GLS Tanks is only as good as each individual component. Therefore, each of our products is of excellent quality up to the smallest detail. In this way we can offer those benefits that our customers worldwide rely on
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    SAF Filter
    SAF Filter
  • Large filter area, reliable operating mechanism and simple construction make the SAF filter the ideal solution for filtration of poor quality water to very fine filtration degrees
  • Automatic flushing according to pressure differential and/or according to time
  • No interruption of downstream flow during flushing
  • Robust and reliable Self-Cleaning mechanism even on marginal operation conditions.
  • Minimal volume of reject water allows excellent operation in continuous flush mode
  • Applications: Water supply systems, Irrigation systems, Cooling Water, Waste Water Treatment, Industrial Pre-Filtration, etc.
  • [*]Industries: manufacturing, mining, water and waste water treatment plant, turf and agriculture, etc.
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    Our company makes alternative technology available for every client, industry and business.


    Partner DOROT
    Partner Amiad
    Partner Ari Valve
    Partner Carlson Filtration
    Partner Inoxpa Pump
    Partner Nuvonic / Hanovia UV
    Kovalus / KOCH
    Partner Pioneer Water Tank
    Partner Calgon Carbon
    Partner GLS Water Tanks
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