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SAF - X Series

SAF - X Series

Product Detail SAF - X
- Technology | Screen
- Type | Automatic
- Filtration degree | 10 - 800 micron
- Flow rate | up to 400 m³/h (1,760 gpm)

Announcing the SAF - X – the next generation of our SAF Series.

The SAF - X self-cleaning filter provides improved usability, easier maintenance and higher installation flexibility along with Amiad’s proven suction-scanning cleaning technology.

SAF - X. Simply Better.

The reliable operating mechanism and simple construction makes it the ideal solution for filtration of poor industrial water quality to very fine filtration degrees.

The SAF - X automatic water filtration system offers a large filtration area and suction scanner cleaning technology driven by an electrical drive-unit.
Suitable for wide variety of industrial water filtration applications, heavy loads and challenging types of TSS.
Automatic cleaning without flow interruption and with minimal wasted water.
The SAF - X Series includes models with various sizes and flange connections and the filters are adaptable special applications and specific requirements.

Product Benefits

| Large filtration area |
Large advanced multi-layer weavewire mesh enabling the filters to handle high TSS loads at high flow rates
| Continuous flow |
No interruption of downstream flow during self-cleaning
| Automatic & self-cleaning |
Flushes based on pressure differential and/or time
| Reliable and durable |
Designed for long-term and simple operation
| Suitable for various applications |
Ideal solution for filtration of poor quality water
| Simple construction |
Easy operation and minimal maintenance
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