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Market Dynamics in Non-Membrane Filtration
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Market Dynamics in Non-Membrane Filtration

Market Dynamics in Non-Membrane Filtration

The water filtration market offers a wide range of solutions that differ in filtration grade, filtration media and designated applications, look the image.

Amiad Water Systems manufactures its filtration solutions with a focus on removal of suspended solids, within the range of 1-10000 micron. This field of operation is often defined by research institutes as “Non-Membrane Filtration”. Within this range, 4 technologies are offered to cover the full range of application needs: screen, disc, microfiber and media.

According GWI’s WaterData, the non-membrane market spend in 2021 will be $3.9 billion, with approximately $2.1 billion relevant to Amiad’s current technology offering. In this article we will cover some of the main dynamics and growth factors that are expected to contribute to the 5-year growth of this market, as published in GWI’s WaterData.

1. Water-related regulation
In line with the growing trends in environmental awareness, various industrial water users needed to adapt to recent regulations and best practice standards set forth by organizations such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the global Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA). With focus on wastewater effluent discharged back to the environment, and industrial waste in general, these regulations have impacted the Oil & Gas industries and are expected to evoke increased investments in water filtration solutions in other industries as well.

2. Customer needs
In addition to increased demand for fine filtration due to recent environmental regulations, water scarcity concerns in the US and Europe have set the ground for a growing need for reuse of industrial process water in an attempt to lower water-related costs to the plants.

3. New markets
Seawater desalination has boomed in recent years, with lower prices per filters’ cubic meter, forcing players to look for cost-effective filtration solution for their pre-treatment processes. In addition, new industrial markets such as Chile and Malaysia are characterized by a growing demand for filtration especially due to growth in the mining sector.

4. Globalization
The industrial water sector is extremely fragmented as demands change across various applications and industries, forcing global companies to focus on specific fields of industrial operation. Another factor is the existing network of local distribution channels that can act as force multipliers for such companies.

All in all, the non-membrane market is showing a promising growth forecast in the next 5-year period.

As a world leader in water filtration solutions, Amiad experts will be happy to assist with any specific filtration needs, while utilizing its extensive field experience and global network of front offices and subsidiaries.
Article Market Dynamics in Non-Membrane Filtration
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