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Sigma Pro Filter

Multi-screen polymeric self-cleaning filter

We’ve spent years mastering filtration technology so we can offer a wide
range of filters for every farmer’s needs including screen, disc or media
technology. Our fully automated filtration systems save time, manpower
and costs.

We consider every challenge as an opportunity to work side by side with
our customers to solve their problems. We’ll go anywhere to ensure our
filters perform as expected, 24/7, every day of the year. When you want
a high performance filter for your irrigation system, consult with Amiad.
We focus on doing what we do best Amiad. Masters of Filtration.

The Filtration Process
  • Raw water flows through the filter inlet and to the coarse screens for
  • removal of large debris and sediment.
  • Water then passes through the fine screens for removal of the remaining
  • small particles.
  • A differential pressure switch (DPS) monitors the pressure caused by the
  • accumulation of debris on the inner screen and initiates the self-cleaning
    process at 0.5 bar (7 psi).
  • The flush valve opens to the atmosphere to create a strong suction force
  • at the scanner nozzles, effectively removing dirt particles from the screens.
  • Dirty backflush water is drained out via the drainage pipe.
  • After efficient cleaning, the DP returns to its original value, enabling the
  • filter to operate continuously without downtime.

    The ADI-P Controller operates the automated processes that flush your
    Filtomat filters, allowing you to control and monitor them easily and
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