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Mini Sigma Filter

Innovative automatic self-cleaning filter.
Lightweight and durable with maximum
installation flexibility.

• Reliable and durable
• Amiad's unique suction-scanner cleaning technology
• Modular design with various installation configurations
• Polymeric filter - corrosion free
• Low water and energy consumption
• Compact design and small footprint
• Easy installation and low maintenance
• Ideal for many landscape and agricultural
irrigation applications
• Amiad’s innovative and user friendly ADI-P
electronic controller, operated by a mobile
app for advanced monitoring capabilities

How the Mini Sigma Filter Works

Amiad’s Mini Sigma filter is the newest addition to the Sigma family. It is a small and lightweight yet durable filter;
quick and easy to install, simple to operate, and requires minimal maintenance. The Mini Sigma filter was developed
to handle low pressure operation, with a capacity of up to 80 m3/h (352 gpm) and with

filtration degrees from
80-500 micron. Inlet/outlet connections are available in 50mm (2”), 80 mm (3”), and 100mm (4”) diameter.
Filters include a 40mm (1.5”) flush valve.
The Filtration Process
Raw water enters through the filter inlet and passes through the screen. Clean water flows through the filter outlet.
The gradual dirt buildup on the screen’s inner surface causes a filter cake to develop, creating an increase in the
pressure differential across the filter system. A differential pressure (DP) switch senses the pressure differential and
when it reaches a pre-set level, the self-cleaning process begins.

The Control System - Amiad’s NEW ADI-P Controller
Amiad’s ADI-P controller offers a one-of-a-kind monitoring and control functionality. The controller interacts with Amiad’s
advanced, user-friendly app that provides detailed filtration performance data on your mobile phone device.

The self-cleaning mechanism is controlled and monitored by the ADI-P controller. The self-cleaning cycle is triggered
by an integrated DP switch.
The ADI-P controller and mobile app also provide:
• DP and flush cycle counters
• Alerts – low/high pressures, low battery
• Reports and performance history data

The Self-Cleaning Process
The self-cleaning cycle is initiated by any one of the following conditions:
1. Signal from the DP switch, pre-set at 7 psi (0.5 bar)
2. Time interval parameter set at the controller
3. Manual start, triggered by the ADI-P mobile app (within Bluetooth range) or via electronic controller keypad
The flush valve opens to atmosphere creating a strong suction force at the scanner nozzles, effectively removing
dirt particles from the screen and discharging them from the filter.
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